What is it?

In the 1990's (I guess) Norweb and Manweb installed these panels to give greater control and flexibility to Economy 7 heating.

We bought a flat with one of these, and had a real hunt to find out how to set it up. There are probably lots of others in the same place, and I could only find requests on the web for people who might have the manual to send out copies. Having prevailed on one of these to send me a copy, I am now putting it on the web in the hope that it may save people trouble.


I have no connection with anyone who actually installed, supplied or maintained ElectraTech, and I probably know no more (quite probably less) than you do about this.

The main ("Professional") manual has been typed or recovered by OCR, and may be in the wrong order. I have corrected a couple of likely typing errors, but I accept no liability for my or anyone else's errors in these documents.

These are offered without any sort of warranty as to accuracy, usefulness, or anything – make what use you can, but all strictly on the basis that you apply your own skills and expertise. Do not use these manuals for anything that you are not qualified to do.

I am also publishing these without any authority, and will remove these from this site if notified that they are in breach of copyright by a party that offers to maintain existing ElectraTech systems or make this information available for others to do so.


The ElectraTech panel we bought was found to eb defective, and we've resorted to replacing it with a modern consumer unit. A shame – the idea was good, but obviously a real life of 25+ years...